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Sherrie Mondello MA, AMFT


Sherrie's integrative therapeutic orientation involves a blend of neuroscience, trauma-sensitive, cognitive, and somatic experiencing. More specifically, Sherrie combines elements of Attachment-based, Polyvagal, CBT, and Client-Centered Psychotherapy with an approach that looks strongly at family origins.

"Exploring the complex interplay between our core beliefs, thoughts, and feelings and uncovering the wisdom encoded in our attachment style and the cellular memories of our bodies, allows my clients to experience a holistic therapeutic approach and build a deep connection with the most crucial person in their life: Themselves!

“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.”
- Carl Jung

Do you struggle with expressing your authentic self and living your truth?
You are not alone.

Working as a Holistic Wellness Coach and an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist, I have found that most people generally have difficulty expressing themselves authentically and do not feel safe being their true selves. While these individuals can often hold it together on the outside and appear to have what looks like success to others, on the inside, they feel disconnected, unfulfilled, unseen, and alone.

Your relationship with yourself is the foundation of every relationship you have.

Many of us are conditioned to believe that putting the needs of others before our own is the definition of being a good person. Thinking it is selfish to prioritize self-care and inner awareness, we have become a culture of disconnected adults questioning our worth and feeling like imposters in our own lives.

We may participate in activities that do not align with our values and stay in relationships and jobs that are entirely unfulfilling. Because of subconscious imprints from early childhood, we become riddled with irrational self-doubt, fear, and toxic insecurity. We make someone else's story of us our own and rely on the opinions of others to determine our value and self-worth. Becoming emotionally checked out and doing whatever it takes to avoid the shame of possible failure or rejection, we live a contracted version of ourselves and ultimately reject ourselves.

The key to moving away from this pattern of self-sabotage is prioritizing the connection to our authentic self and developing our inner awareness. When we center on honoring our true selves and let go of implied codependent contracts, every "yes" and every "no" come from our own inner knowing and not from the critical voice telling us how we "should be." We become free from confusion and existential angst and develop the ability to discern for ourselves what decisions and actions will help us navigate life more easily. We acknowledge our values and move towards what genuinely matters to us.

When we practice taking care of our needs first and prioritize our well-being without shame and guilt, we model that energy for everyone around us. We begin to live in an expansive state and are more available to give fully to our loved ones. We align with friends, partners, and colleagues who are emotionally secure, can match our vulnerability, honor our boundaries, and support our advancement and growth. Our lives become congruent. We become whole. We are transformed.

A therapeutic journey with me is a collaborative process.

As a therapist, I work continuously on deepening my self-awareness to collaborate wholeheartedly with my clients and provide them with tools that give them the freedom to explore themselves without feeling judged.

It is fair to say I am the wounded healer archetype, so it is natural for me to see the vast individual who resides just beyond the mask of family history, complex trauma, limiting beliefs, and psychological drama.

Whether your symptoms manifest as anxiety, depression, procrastination, addiction, restlessness, relationship issues, racing thoughts, self-doubt, or even a lack of direction or zest for life, each one of these discomforts can be used as a pointer to turn your attention inward and shine the light on the parts of you that may be dormant and shadowed. These parts of you need your awareness, integration, healing, and, most of all, expression.

Helping my clients make sense of their past, find meaning in their suffering, tune into their authentic self, and align with their unique path in life is my passion and calling.

Sherrie Anne Mondello MA, AMFT 125962
registered associate marriage and family therapist
phone: (805)-636-2223

email. Sherrie.mondello@gmail.com
instagram. @self.actualization.therapy
linkedin. www.linkedin.com/in/sherrie-mondello

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