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Sponsor an Artist

Interested in sponsoring a musician to attend Your Roots Are Showing?

Artists supported by bursaries will experience a rich five-day programme, which includes:

- A vibrant array of events, from captivating showcases and live demonstrations to enlightening discussions and workshops. Dive deep into the world of music, exploring techniques, historical insights, and the hidden gems of folk music usually reserved for academic experts.

- Exclusive networking opportunities with influential figures and innovators in the music industry, offering a chance to connect, collaborate, and create lasting professional relationships.

- Our dynamic gig fair, a key platform for securing future performances and elevating your career in the music scene.

- An extraordinary opportunity to collaborate and perform alongside some of the most accomplished musicians in daily sessions, designed to refine and elevate your musical skills.

Benefits to our esteemed sponsor:

Two Complimentary Passes to our conferences. These can be repurposed as online giveaway prizes to boost your organisation's visibility.

A dedicated Social Media shoutout highlighting your generous sponsorship and promoting your business or organisation.

Unique press and marketing photo sessions alongside our passionate students.

The investment to sponsor an artist placement stands at:

€180.00 per student. Sponsor 3 or more for a 10% discount!

Contact us to find out more!

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