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Hannah Phipps


Hannah Phipps, a 23-year-old singer-songwriter, possesses a rich tapestry of live performance experience, having honed her craft both in New England and Ireland. She is currently making waves in the Boston music scene and holds the distinguished position of Artist in Residence at The Joy Nest, a renowned venue in her local community.

Equipped with an acoustic guitar, Phipps presents an expansive and eclectic repertoire, consisting of both groundbreaking original compositions and inventive renditions of existing works. Her musical palette is enriched by a broad spectrum of influences, including but not limited to, seminal artists like Amy Winehouse, Pink Floyd, and Radiohead, as well as genre-spanning inspirations from 1980s music.

Dedicated to creating deeply emotional and captivating performances, Phipps aspires to not just entertain, but to establish a profound connection with her audience, elevating the live music experience to an intimate communion of artist and listener.

Hannah Phipps
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