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Pat Kelleher


Irish folksinger/songwriter Pat Kelleher hails from a quiet rural area of County Cork, Ireland called Dripsey. Being the youngest in the family, he grew up listening to his older brothers records and was particularly won over by his first and lasting inspiration Luke Kelly of The Dubliners. He was lucky enough to meet Luke in 1981 after a Dubliners concert at The Cork Opera House.

Pat has played almost entirely as a solo performer since 1987

With over 40 years of public performing as a folk singer, guitarist, 5 string banjoist, he is a seasoned performer with many influences including Luke Kelly. Tommy Makem, Liam Clancy, Christy Moore, Pete Seeger, Stan Rogers, Eric Bogle, The Kruger Brothers, Doc Watson to name but a few.

His baritone voice is easily recognisable with its individual appeal. Stage craft and his ability to induce audience interaction and participation come as second nature from years of experience and learning of the craft from those gone before him. He specialises on the long neck folk banjo and has given many workshops on this instrument. He is an accomplished clawhammer style banjo player. Having been an interpreter of other composers’ songs, he has in recent years began to write his own songs.

He performs mainly as a solo act at festivals, pubs and theatres in Ireland, UK, Germany and Switzerland as well as folk music cruises.

Pat Kelleher
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