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O'Jizo, a Japanese instrumental band specializing in Irish music, has been captivating audiences since 2008. The trio consists of Kozo Toyota on flute, Koji Nagao on guitar, and 中村 大史 / Hirofumi Nakamura playing both the bouzouki and accordion. Their discography boasts four albums, starting with "Highlight" in 2011, which was a collaboration with local musicians in Portland. This was followed by their participation in the Galway Bay's Celtic Music Feis in 2016, inspiring their second album "Via Portland."

Their presence in the USA has been marked by multiple tours. A notable moment in their journey was performing in Hawaii in 2018. They continued their musical evolution with the release of their third album, "Cranking Out," in 2019, and their fourth, "MiC - Music in Cube," in 2021. That same year, they achieved recognition by winning the Robinson Emerging Artist Showcase and were subsequently invited to perform at the esteemed Goderich Celtic Roots Festival and College in Canada in 2022, where they enjoyed considerable success.

Marking their 15th anniversary, O'Jizo is set to hold a special concert in Tokyo on December 9th this year, which will also be live-streamed. Looking ahead, the band is gearing up to release their fifth album and embark on a North American tour in 2024, continuing their journey in the world of Celtic music.

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