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Media Accreditation Process

Step 1: Initial Application


1. Eligibility: Media accreditation is open to professional journalists, photographers, bloggers, and media representatives actively covering arts, culture, and music-related topics.


2. Submission: Interested media personnel should submit their accreditation request via email to

with the subject line "Media Accreditation Request - Your Roots Are Showing -  Ireland's Folk Conference."


3. Required Information: The email should include the following information:

   - Full name

   - Media outlet name

   - Job title and role

   - Contact information (phone number and email address)

   - A brief explanation of your coverage plans for the conference


Step 2: Review and Approval


1. Review Process: The Media Relations team will review each accreditation request to ensure it meets the eligibility criteria.


2. Notification: Applicants will receive an email notification regarding the status of their accreditation request within 10 business days.


Step 3: Confirmation and Guidelines


1. Confirmation: Approved media personnel will receive a confirmation email containing details of their accreditation.


2. Guidelines: The confirmation email will also include guidelines and important information related to covering the conference, including access details, press room location, and any specific press conferences or events.


Step 4: Onsite Accreditation


1. Badge Pickup: Media personnel can collect their conference badges and materials at the designated onsite media registration desk. Please bring a valid photo ID and the confirmation email.


2. Access: Accredited media will have access to designated press areas, interviews with artists and speakers (when available), and other media-related resources during the conference.


Step 5: Coverage and Responsibilities


1. Coverage: Accredited media are expected to cover the Your Roots Are Showing - Ireland's Folk Conference in a professional and responsible manner, adhering to the highest journalistic standards.


2. Rights and Responsibilities: Media personnel are responsible for respecting the rights of performers, attendees, and organizers. Please adhere to photography and recording guidelines and obtain permissions as necessary.


Step 6: Post-Conference

1. Feedback: We encourage accredited media to share their coverage with us after the conference for potential feature on our website and social media channels.


2. Survey: Accredited media may be asked to participate in a post-conference survey to provide feedback and suggestions for future events.


For any questions or additional information related to the media accreditation process, please contact our Media Relations team at We appreciate your interest in covering Your Roots Are Showing - Ireland's Folk Conference and look forward to collaborating with you for a successful event.

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