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Shaun Ferguson


A true virtuoso guitarist, Shaun Ferguson is an accomplished composer and performer. The self-taught musician from Caraquet (New Brunswick) offers modern, free, transcendent and unique instrumental music. His musical language, representing a poetry rich in subtleties, is of a surprising intensity and inevitably makes us travel.

On stages in Canada and across Europe, Shaun Ferguson has managed to captivate his audience with his charismatic personality and his musical flights, sometimes sweet, sometimes powerful. Winner of several awards, Shaun has also garnered numerous nominations and recognitions over the past decades. He has so far performed in more than a dozen countries!

Whether you are a fan of instrumental music or simply enjoy the virtuosity of the acoustic guitar, you will be captivated by the moving melodies and rich textures of " La Lumière De l'Ombre – L'Ombre De La Lumière ". Immerse yourself in the breathtaking soundscapes and let yourself be carried away by Shaun Ferguson's passion and art of music.

Shaun Ferguson
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