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Sina Theil


Sina Theil is a German born, Irish based multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter and winner of several Irish and international music awards. She started playing piano and composing her first songs at age 7.

In 2015 in an act of blind faith she moved to Ireland by herself to pursue her lifelong dream of making music. With all odds against her, not knowing anyone or even having social media, she started funding her musical education through busking on the streets of Dublin.

Fast forward to the present day, Sina’s social media presence has surpassed 50,000 followers across her platforms and she has scored eighteen no. 1 in the Irish Country Download Charts, plus two no. 1 singles in the main Irish charts. Her independently crowdfunded and released album “Live at THT Galway" was broadcast on Irish national TV (TG4) to great acclaim. Furthermore, her songs have been played over 15,000 times on Irish radio & heard by over 33 million Irish radio listeners.

Sina has appeared on the front cover of the very prestigious Irish Music Magazine and on Ireland’s leading celebrity magazine RSVP. She also recently featured on one of Ireland’s leading Music TV shows “Opry Le Daniel” (Season 12) and is currently on tour with Irish Folk sensation Dan McCabe.

“I have known Sina Theil for a number of years. She is a tireless worker at her craft as a singer, songwriter and artist and I predict a great future for her.” Charlie McGettigan (Eurovision Song Contest winner 1994).

Sina Theil
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