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The Incognito Brothers


The Incognito Brothers is an Americana/Indy Folk project that started in September 2018, with Michael Lawlor and Damien Gagnevin as founder members, based in Dun Laoghaire (Dublin). The project merges two different guitar styles and vocal textures creating original songs with distinctive sounds, colors and characters. The Incognito Brothers have a strong acoustic guitar foundation exploring various musical directions, with a wide range of influences, tapping into Americana,Rock, Blues, Indy and Folk music. The Incognito Brothers is also a story of friendship, a common passion for music, and the meeting of two different cultures and creative minds. Michael Lawlor is the lead vocalist and lead and rhythm guitar player (acoustic and electric). Damien Gagnevin plays lead and rhythm guitar (acoustic and electric), percussions (Bodhrán; Congas), and backing vocals. Other musicians have been contributing and collaborating on the project, adding greatly to the sound of The Incognito Brothers.

Current band members are: Ales Bajgart (bass; backing vocals) Eimear Lynch (violin; backing vocals) Joshua Fogarty (bodhran) Anxo Silveira (drums/ percussion) Rosie Callaghan (Piano)

The Incognito Brothers
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