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"A meticulous songwriter with a voice to die for" - Ciaran Lavery 'Quite simply delightful'' - RTE Radio 1

"When he sings I believe him and it’s that believability that holds my attention'' - David Keenan

"Beautifully Exhilarating" - Hotpress

Growing up in Dundalk, Ireland, Finnian has carefully honed his songwriting slowly and with care. Since 2015 His music is honest, concise and textured in a way that is grounded and speaks to his inner conviction. Never afraid to draw on his influences and using the medium of live performance in a studio context, Finnian’s nods to his musical past have been hailed as refreshing in a climate that has gradually moved away from such a perspective. ​ His first album Under the Influence garnered strong reviews on its release in the summer of 2020 and his momentum has been hugely impressive. His work is something that speaks to experience rather than aspiration, with an attention to detail that comes from living and a willingness to evolve through his introspective songwriting. Backed by some of the finest local musicians, Finnian’s live shows have been praised as vibrant representations of his music while also offering the audience a window into his continued musical journey. His beginnings as a folk based songwriter have been consistently evolving. From humble beginnings on the open mic circuit, to now being backed with real musical muscle, his live experience has always been authentic and a true representation of who he is, where he has come from and most importantly, where he is going next. ​ Finnian is also a member of the folk group Ceithre Cinn which consists of fellow songwriters Ciaran Lavery, Suzanne Savage and Matt McGinn.

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